Transforming fleets

We make innovative and cost-effective technology-based solutions for transport and logistics organizations. Our ERP-like software enables higher operational efficiency, proactiveness, and profitability.



SmartFleet is a cloud-based Fleet Management platform enabling transport fleets with operations automation, fleet monitoring and analytics solutions.
Holox is a car rental platform enabling car rental companies or providers to maximize and automate their operations for a better customer experience.
IKOT is a ridesharing moble app made for the Filipino people. Promoting the use of public transportation to help solve traffic and lessen pollution in our country.

About Us


/ ˈpɑrˌsɛk /

"Pahrsek" is a play on the word 'parsec' which is the largest unit of distance. It reflects our intention to provide fleet companies with technology solutions allowing them to go the extra mile.
Our mission is to enable fleet companies with technology tools that goes with our passion to help transform the industry.
We believe that the true measure of our value is not when we have more fleets onboard, but when the public experiences better and consistent quality service through our partners.

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